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the following explanation is given in linguistics (quote: Wikipedia):

  • Translation is the communication of the meaning of a (written) source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. Whereas interpreting undoubtedly antedates writing, translation began only after the appearance of written literature.

  • The result of this approach..


However, a translation is in effect much more: The mere transfer / translation of words from a source-language into a target-language would never meet the entire spectrum of the original text.

To "share the feelings and intentions" of the author, to approach the text in a holistic manner, and to comprehensively translate almost all facettes into the target-language - that is what a professional translation is all about.

Moreover, the term's context is also of essential importance for the correct reproduction of a technical term in the target-language.



My offer to you: translation of your texts from and into

German - English - Spanish

In order to be able to provide a high-quality and appropriate translation, a professional translator needs comparative texts as well as supplementary information, maybe also an expert talk with somebody from your respective specialist department. I recommend you to offer such material, which I could use if needed.


Send me your request right now and I will submit you a competitive offer by return.



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