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Speech-to-text reporting

This communication service – still quite unknown in Austria – is intended for people suffering from all kinds of hearing impairments.

Speech-to-text reporters type the spoken word “exceptionally fast” in literal form or provide a summarized version thereof, in order to enable people with hearing impairments to follow a speech, a presentation, etc. by reading the written text.

The “real-time character“ is of essential importance, as it enables the person with hearing impairment to fully participate (by active participation in discussions, by posing queries, ...) in all spheres of life.

Speech-to-text reporting (unlike sign language interpretation) focuses primarily on hard of hearing or postlingually deafened people, who can follow sign language (contrary to deaf or prelingually deafened people) just to a very limited extent or not at all, but are in a position to read written speech.
(quote: Wikipedia)


My speech-to-text reporting service includes:


Individual setting

live-written records taken during all your private and business appointments such as:

  • medical consultations

  • appointments with authorities

  • school lessons / university lectures

  • courses at training institutes

The customer is the person with hearing impairment.

I work with laptop and external keyboard, which rests on a tripod.

The person with hearing impairment is reading my live-written records directly on my laptop screen.


Event setting

live-written records at:

  • (mega) events

  • conferences, congresses, meetings, seminars

  • public – and private company meetings

  • (non-profit) organization meetings

  • courses at training institutes

  • appointments in healthcare institutions (e.g. group practice/physicians)

The customers are event management companies, private enterprises, authorities, ministries, advanced training institutions, non-profit organizations, etc.

I work with video projection. In case of all-day events, I work together with a second speech-to-text reporter. We work alternatingly and we also use laptops and external keyboards, which rest on tripods.

The person with hearing impairment and the audience, respectively, read the live-written text which is projected on the wall by means of a video projector.


Taking minutes

  • In general, live-written records are not handed over to the customer immediately after the speech-to-text reporting service.

  • If you want to receive the respective written records / minutes of the meeting, I kindly ask you to expressly order this in advance.


Working languages


Individual setting for all areas of application
Event setting for all areas of application


Individual setting for all areas of application
Event setting for selected topics and business areas


Individual setting in schools


Provision of equipment and order processing

For details, please, see the General Terms and Conditions for speech-to-text reporting services.


Financial funding

Persons concerned will receive financial funding, in case they are fulfilling certain eligibility criteria. Respective information is available.


Speech-to-text reporting


=> People with hearing impairment can participate in social life

=> Accessibility in your company



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