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Useful hints

- Which types of texts are processed?

- What does standard page mean?

- How can I determine the number of words in my text?

- How can corrections be tracked?

- How to place an order?

- Is the language training organized in group - or individual lessons?



Which types of texts are processed

  • Websites (translation in doc-format)

  • Company presentations

  • Annual reports

  • Newsletters

  • Product fact sheets and leaflets

  • Customer - and project presentations

  • Project-specific documentations and reports

  • Business correspondance

  • Private documents

  • Translation of literary works

  • Documents and manuscripts in musicology

  • Local idiom texts - Viennese dialect

  • Theses

  • Diploma theses

  • Master's - and Bachelor's theses

  • Speeches

  • CV and letters of application



What does standard page mean?

  • By using the standard page, it is easy to determine the correct basis of price calculation for your order.

  • Standard page = 1,500 characters including spaces

  • To obtain the total number of characters in your text = use the function: File -> Check -> Word count.

  • This number divided by 1,500 results in the number of standard pages..


How can I determine the number of words in my text?

Open the file in MS Word -> click on file register "Check" -> click on "Word count"..



In MS Word can be seen now: the number of words and the number of characters with and without spaces, respectively; moreover, the number of pages, paragraphs, and lines.


Of special interest in case of scientific texts: Checkmark the box "Observe text fields, foot- and endnotes", by doing this, MS Word is also counting the foot- and endnotes.




All corrections made in your texts are made in the mode "File / Check / Track changes". Thus, it is very easy for you to trace back any change or correction made in your text.




How to place an order?


  • Please, send me your inquiry by E-mail including a representative excerpt of your text or even the complete text and let me know the requested delivery date.

  • I will answer your inquiry within reasonable time with a non-binding quotation.

  • I will also let you know whether some supplementary information will be needed for the positive and correct realization of your order.

  • You will get a transparent calculation of prices - according to your requirements - based on

    • Number of words

    • Standard page

    • Page/Slide (e.g. PowerPoint)

    • Time quota (working hour)

    • Flat rate.

Strict confidentiality is guaranteed from the first contact onwards!


Order processing

  • You place a written order with me (by E-mail or by letter) and indicate once again the requested delivery date

  • You send me the complete text as well as possibly requested supplementary information

  • I return to you an order confirmation by E-mail (or by letter if requested) with confirmation of the delivery date

  • From the date of order confirmation onwards, I start to perform the requested language service

  • Delivery is made within the confirmed delivery time and in the agreed form

  • Payment according agreement and General Terms and Conditions, respectively



Is the language training organized in group - or individual lessons?

I offer private individual lessons.


By this, it is easier to address the child's need to make up specific learning contents.

Lasting learning success is achieved by a flexible design of learning contents, individually adapted training units and a regular monitoring of the learning progress.






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